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Electricity generation based on photovoltaic (i.e. the direct conversion of light into electricity) is a field of study and supervision in constant development within DECUBE Consult.

Given the potential of this technique on both national and international levels, the company aims to continuously expend its expertise in this forward-looking sector.

DECUBE Consult offers expertise in all phases of the design and the achievement of a photovoltaic project, and especially for a project located in the Walloon Region by using our deep knowledge of the laws and administrative procedures in this area. Within this framework we offer:

  • the initial budgetary approach for the designed power plant as a whole.
  • the technical feasability study (project study) that examines the possibility of implementing the project: which size, with what means, which possible reinforcement for the supporting structure, and in what period of time, taking into account procedures and supplies.
  • financial feasibility study (profitability calculation).
  • all the required administrative procedures (contact with the distribution network manager, with the Walloon Region for the purchase contract of a “Green Certificates” guaranteed price.
  • the choice of the installer based on specifications adapted to the considered project and taking into account the maintenance and guarantees during the operational phase (over 20 years).
  • the supervision of the implementation by supporting and monitoring your project during the construction phase.
  • the commissioning and the administrative procedures linked to the implementation of the project (RGIE control– General Regulations on Electrical Installations – and authorization for commissioning, CGO control – Certification of Guarantee of Origin).
  • the verification by controlling the measured production compared to the expected production.

DECUBE Consult takes over the various administrative and technical steps of a photovoltaic power plant project, leading to its commissioning. While doing so, DECUBE Consult will keep its independence towards market participants. With this separation of activities, the installer is able to focus on its core activity and administrative errors are therefore avoided.  


N.B. : for more technical and legal information, please visit the solar power facilitator website for the Walloon region: