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Wind power

Regarding wind power production (i.e. the conversion of wind energy into electricity) DECUBE Consult intervenes in all stages of electrical engineering:

  • Drawing up of a technical and economic study regarding the dimensioning of the internal network including the design and optimization of power cable cross sections for the whole internal network between wind farms and the electrical cabin. Elements taken into account are:
    • economic optimization considering the evaluation  of the losses according to the service life of the installation.
    • respect for the short-circuit temperature limits (core and screen); respect for the  steady-state maximum temperature.
    • respect of  voltage drops during the periods of maximal load.
  • Drawing of plans falling within the scope of electrical engineering:
    • general plan of the network on a  site map with indication of the required section
    • general cuts of the trenches
    • single-line diagram of the internal network  (links between the windmills and the electrical cabin)
    • outline plan of the optical-fiber cables network
    • Grounding scheme of the electrical cabin
    • Electrical cabin MV single line diagram
    • Electrical cabin LV single line diagram
  • Preparation of the technical purchase files regarding cables, optic-fiber cables, their implementation and the electrical cabin (cells and auxiliary equipment) for the supply and assembly.
  • preparation of the measurement for the internal electrical network (electrical cabin and cable networks)
  • technical analysis and qualitative assessment of the received offers from companies concerned with telecom and/or electrical works.
  • Cooperation with the safety and health coordinator in order to update the safety plans according to the final design and chosen processing methods

In addition to these engineering positions, DECUBE Consult also takes part in the following steps of the wind power project:

  • the supervision of documents received from companies in charge of telecom and electrical works.
  • the monitoring of electrical engineering works, and facilitation of site meetings.
  • the supervision of as-built documents received from companies in charge of electrical and telecom works.
  • The updating of the project initial plans towards as-built plans.